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Will my hip heal after the inflamation heals



For the past 5 weeks I have barely been able to walk because my left hip hurts so badly. My doctor tells me, after x-rays, that my hip is worn out. The bursa sac is very inflamed. He has given me a drug to take daily for the inflammation. I have been going to therapy and having ultra sounds and electrical shock done on the hip. It is doing much better right now. My question is will it be back to normal – no pain and walking correctly on it once the inflammation is gone or will I always have problems with it?


A large percentage of people can heal from this type of injury and be normal.  Not everyone, but a large percentage.  Stay diligent with your therapy and if you start to see a future flare up, contact your doctor quickly.  Most inflammation problems are easier to treat when they are caught early.

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