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Lung diseases

Nodule density or mass/upper hilum of my lung



last year I traveled to Colo. then to Wyo. for a week where I went to the E.R. cause I had phenomena, I was correct. After I was given two prescriptions and sent on my way, the E.R. Dr. called and left a message asking me to return to the E.R. because the radiologist found a nodular density or mass in/on the upper hilum of my lung I didn`t get the message for 7 days at which point I went to the hosp in Den. where they told me to follow up when I got home to Phx. I am not good at such things due to a fear of Dr.s. You should also know that I almost died 9 yrs ago I had endocarditis, phenomena, and pleurisy, I spent 2.5 months in the hosp. had open heart surgery and lung surgery, I also checked myself out 6 weeks early a.m.a. recently an a trip to Den. I found myself in a great deal of pain and always out of breath and weak. It was like I had a knife in my back under my shoulder blade, I thought it might have something to do w/ the altitude. However when I got back to Phx. the pain went from sever and stabbing to constant and deep. I know I should have checked it out sooner but I am scared. I am also a smoker and my mom has had blood clots shower both her lungs.


You fear is completely understandable. However, most people find it empowering to understand what is causing their symptoms. I would recommend you see a local physician as you were advised.

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