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Eye and Vision Care

Yellowish Mass on White Part of Eyeball



I felt like I had something on my eye so I was rubbing it lightly, but it didnt feel like anything but an irritation. I got home and looked and my eye ball looked like it had extra "skin" that was folding that I could feel when I moved my eye side to side, then realized the sensation of something in my eye was increasing so I looked at it again and it now appears to be a large yellowish mass from the corner of my eye (by my bridge) to where the color starts on my eyeball. It looks kind of like a small yellowish bubble on my eye, that I can feel when I blink and with my eye open. No pain, some minor redness. Can someone tell me what this might be and if it is serious or just possibly something lodged in my eye or a scratch.


It is difficult to say what is causing your eye irritation. One possibility is an inflamed pinguecula (thickening of the tissue covering the white part of the eye). You should contact your eye doctor to determine the cause and the appropriate treatment.

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Andrew J Toole, OD, PhD, FAAO
Clinical Assistant Professor of Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University