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Vascular Surgery

Foot numbness from EVLT in lesser saph vein



I had this procedure 3 weeks ago. While the laser was burning the vein behind my knee, my heel and side of my foot felt like fire was applied to it for about 5 seconds. Since then the heel and side foot area has been numb, and when I walk on my heel, I feel a deep intense pain. Heel remains slightly swollen. Pins and needles sensation at times near the end of the day. I know that it could get better, but wonder if repair to the nerves can be done if it does not improve? My other leg was done (EVLT) 10 weeks ago, resulting in the back of my calf being numb. No improvement since. Are repair chances of success better sooner to when the damage was done or should I just wait and see for months before I insist on attempted repair?


Hello. Numbness can occur as a side effect. However, nerves can recover up to 12-18 months after the procedure. Hopefully some feeling will return for you. Best of Luck!

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