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Colorectal Diseases

IBS (severe diahera,vomiting and dehydration)



i`ve had ibs for a long time,but i have noticed it has become worse as i get older.. i go to the bathroom 3/4 times in the am..(everyday).but, recently i have had severe diahrea to where i`m vomiting at the same time.sometimes the diahrea last for 2/3 hrs at a time.. and i have lots of mucus..they have also removed 5 polyps..so, my question is has my ibs gotten worse??and what should i do?? after an episode of this, it takes me 2/3 days b4 i can have a bowel movement and i get consipated.. most of the time it is scary to me..


Your symptoms may be consistent with IBS, although the vomiting would be unusual. As long as you are being followed closely by a gastroenterologist, who is periodically examining your colon for polyps, your symptoms may all be due to IBS. Try adding a fiber supplement to your diet, such as powdered psyllium, to see if you can regulate things somewhat.

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Janice Frederick Rafferty, MD Janice Frederick Rafferty, MD
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