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Kidney Diseases

Bilateral Medical Renal Disease w/ Cortical



Dear Dr. Mildred Lam, Good Morning!! I would like to thank you for your response regarding my question about Bilateral Medical Renal Disease with Cortical Cysts. Is the scar tissue on a kidney dangerous? Please advise the foods that are good and bad for someone with this condition. Thank you very much for your help. Thanks and best regards.


The scar tissue itself is not dangerous; but it has replaced functioning kidney tissue that cannot be restored.  So the important things are to find out  the cause of the underlying renal disease (diabetes, hypertension, for instance) and to try to keep that disease from progressing so that all remaining functioning tissue can be preserved. 

Depending on the underlying cause, some of the things that can be done to preserve kidney function include:  keep blood sugar well-controlled (if diabetic), keep blood pressure well-controlled (if hypertensive), keep cholesterol down with diet and medications if needed, and do not smoke.

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