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Temperature Sensitivity



One (or maybe more) of my teeth is quite sensitive to hot and cold tmeperatures, and is pretty uncomfortable, even in a resting state. I am a senior now, and know I have a fair amount of gum recession and possible nerve exposure. Of course given a choice, I`d like to avoid going to the dentist, and possibly having a root canal, if that is possible, even though it may not be.

Are there things I can do on my own at home to treat, prevent, or control this condiiton? (I already use toothpaste similar to Sensodyne.) Does avoidance of any hot or cold foods help? Does this condition possibly resolve itself over time without treatment? Anything else I should do? Thanks.


Yes avoid cool and hot food help to prevent severe pain in the moment. These condition never resolve itself with time, they just get worse. You may stop feeling pain, but it will be just an indication of necrotic tooth which can turn into an infection. I will advise you to go to your dentist and have a consultation done. Then you can make your decision of what to do.

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