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Bumps in Mouth



i have been getting small, clear bumps on my check just opposite my lower teeth. they become noticable after i eat. particularly after rough food. i also think i see some under my tongue. they do not hurt or change size or color. occasionally they a appear in other areas. should i be alarmed. i have a dentist appt at the end of august


What you describe does not sound alarming, but it is never a bad idea to have your dentist take a look. What you describe probably represents stimulation of your salivary (spit) glands that occurs when you eat. Depending upon the exact size of these bumps and how quickly they go away (if they do), they could represent swellings of the small ducts that carry spit from the gland to your mouth or could be areas where the spit spills from the duct to form a clear bump just under the surface of the skin (mucosa) of the lining of the mouth (superficial mucocele). Treatment would not be needed for either possibility. Hope this helps!

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John R Kalmar, DMD, PhD John R Kalmar, DMD, PhD
Clinical Professor of Pathology
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University