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Lung diseases

Lung Transplant Recipient Eligibility



My husband is on oxygen 24 hrs a day @ level 3 on tank. His breathing with oxygen is 30 breaths per minute, and without it is 16. His doctor advises that he consider a lung transplant. He`s 61 years old. What are his chances? Please explain the levels of breathing. I don`t quite understand the numbers.


The success of lung transplantation depends on many things including your husband's overall health and functional level, other co-existing medical conditions, and reason for underlying respiratory failure (why does he need the transplant?). These issues should be discussed on a case by case basis with an experienced transplant physician and are well beyond the scope of this forum. In terms of the "levels of breathing" you mention, I am uncertain to what you are referring based on the information you have provided. I would encourage you to discuss these numbers with the physician who has been caring for your husband so that he or she can determine what you are actually referring to and answer your question correctly.

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Jennifer  McCallister, MD Jennifer McCallister, MD
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