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Growth in Uterus



I recently had an pelvic ultrasound, as my iron is very low. Turns out small cyst on one ovary (doctor not overly concerned) as there is a mass found there also. My uterus has become very large and waiting to see a gynecologist! My doctor thinks maybe fibroid but not sure? Does this sound like ovarian cancer? I do have heavy bleeding the first 2 days of my period and then finish up regular and comes every 28 days. Other than that I feel fine. Really scared what they are going to find?


The most common type of growth (tumor) in the uterus is leiomyomata, or fibroid tumors.  These tumors are benign growths of smooth muscle cells that occur in at least one out of four women.  They can be small and cause no symptoms at all, or they can grow quite large and cause excessive bleeding, pain, and discomfort.  The need for treatment is based on the degree of discomfort. 

Another common reason for the uterus to be enlarged is adenomyosis, in which there is an excessive growth of glandular tissue within the uterine walls.  This can cause heavy or painful periods.  Of course, if the uterus is enlarged and you are of childbearing age, pregnancy also needs to be ruled out!

Ovarian cancer causes abnormal growth of the ovaries that can spread to other organs, but an enlarged uterus is not one of its symptoms.

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