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Alzheimer's Disease

Result of Brain MRI



I have reproduced below the Brain:MRI Report for my mother-in-law. I would like to know more about her condition, disease and possible cures.

"There is evidence of diffuse cortical atrophy involving both cerebral hemispheres with secondary enlargement of supratentorial sulci and cisternal spaces. Prominent V-R spaces are seen in bilateral basal ganglia.

Mild periventricular white matter hyperintensities are noted in T2 / TIRL images forming halo around the lateral ventricles suggestive of microangiopathic periventricular ischemic changes. No fresh infarct is seen on DWI.

Both lateral ventricles and third ventricles are prominent, though they are normal in outline and shape. Septum pellucidum is in midline, no midline shift is observed.

No obvious abnormal intra-parenchymal, cisternal or meningeal enhancement is observed.

Brain stem and cerebellar hemispheres are showing normal morphology, signal intensity and outline. Fourth ventricle is normal in size and midline in positiion.

Major intracranial dural venous sinuses are showing normal outline and flow void.

Sella, supra-sellar and para-sellar structures are normally visualised.


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