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Dental and Oral Health (Adults)

Tongue Biopsy...



Hi there, Hoping you can help me....my mom has had some trouble with her mouth. She has what they are referring to as a "lesion" on the left side of her tongue. It looks like a thin white line...almost like a little white vein, maybe less than an inch long. She says its quite painful. They are sending her for a biopsy on it....she has previously had breast cancer twice. Does this sound like oral cancer? Is it reasonable for them to order a biopsy? She did also have some trauma to the other side of her mouth. She had her wisdom tooth extracted a year ago and there was some nerve damage, so she has alot of numbness in her tongue, I`m not sure is it possible this could be related? The white line on the side of her tongue has just been there these past few weeks.... Would appreciate your opinion.



Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a diagnosis in this type of forum. It is, however, reasonable to continue to have this area evaluated by a specialist (ear, nose, throat physician or oral surgeon). If a biopsy is recommended, then that would provide the most definitive way to establish a diagnosis.

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