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Aspergers, Schizophrenia or Both?



I`m a 19 year old male and as far back as i can remember [during childhood as well] i have always had obsessions and social problems.

I have always been obsessed with numbers and dates etc, remembering phone numbers, car plates and peoples birthdays.

Limited interests such as biology, video games and conspiracy theories.

I always have a preference of being alone and when people interupt me I always flip out.

I find it very difficult making facial expressions apart from anger.

Sometimes when I get told off I cant help but laugh, it just comes out naturally.

When ever I watch television or movies most of the i imagine me doing what they do but I know i`m not literaly them

When I talk to people I rarely make eye contact and i get very nervous all the time and I find it hard imagining what life would be like with another person.

Ive always have fantasies about life and what I want to do but i just cant do it because of my social problems.

Im much better on a computer than talking to people face to face.

When i talk to myself i always imagine i`m talking to people not voices are in my head.

When ever i get excited i always do body movements what people say to me are bizzare.

Could this be autism or is it more schizophrenia or neither?


Hello, I encourage you to see a licensed mental health professional (i.e., a psychiatrist or psychologist) if you feel distraught and want a better understand of what you are experiencing.

A psychiatric evaluation is meant to lead to treatment planning and a diagnosis is only part of the evaluation process. Most psychiatric diagnoses necessitate significant impairment in functioning. In other words, it might very well not be an autism spectrum disorder or schizophrenia, but your personality.

Perceptions of reality are altered in schizophrenia (hallucinations and/or delusions) and the hallmark feature of autism spectrum disorders is deviances in social/communicative behaviors. Both are chronic and quite complicated to diagnose. I hope this is helpful to you. Thank you for visiting NetWellness.  

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Luc   Lecavalier, PhD Luc Lecavalier, PhD
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Associate Professor of Psychiatry
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