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Bleeding During Sex



5 years ago, I started to bleed during sex. Since then I have spent thousands of dollars and endured painful procedures to find the cause. All my tests results come back negative. Pap smears, urine, blood, hpv, std, hiv, endometrial biopsy, all normal. Ive also had polyps and fibroids ruled out. I have no pain or dryness during sex. The bleeding happens immediately and as soon as I stop having sex, the bleeding stops. It doesnt matter the size of the guys penis and I dont think I am allergic to condoms as this has happened with a partner who didnt wear them.

Ive tried numerous types of birth control and nothing has worked to stop the bleeding. Ive currently been off birth control 3 months, and had sex for the first time since I went off, and I still bled.

I have seen so many doctors. They either think Im stressed out or a hypochondriac. One doctor told me that sex is messy and I should accept it. (A Cedars Sinai doctor) One doctor wanted to do cyrotherapy on the cervix, but was hesitant because she didnt know the source of the bleeding and wasnt sure that would work anyway. I had my cervix cauterised with silver nitrate and this was unsuccessful as well.

As you can see this has been an on going struggle. I haven`t been able to have a relationship since this started. I have sex on average 3-4 times a year. And please dont tell me to forget about it and find a man who doesnt mind. Because I cant imagine there is a guy who will either forgoe sex indefinately, or will mind an ocean of blood all over his midsection and penis everytime we have sex.

Just to let you know, Im 30 years old, never been pregnant,non smoking, great health, eat organic foods, and have no other health problems except for this. Please help me as I would love to enjoy sex again and eventually have a relationship and maybe children in the future. I am so desparate!!


Bleeding during or after sex usually occurs due to some inflammation of the vagina or cervix.  This could be due to an infection, an abnormal growth of tissue, or an injury (like a tear or scrape).  Rarely the problem could be within the cervix or uterus.
The sorts of test that you have had have ruled out these problems.  To get more insight into why you are bleeding, it would be important to know exactly where the bleeding is coming from.  An examination immediately after intercourse might be useful, or you could see if you can provoke bleeding in the office with the use of a vaginal dilator to simulate the sex act.  If there is enough blood to soil your partner's midsection and penis, the source should be apparent.

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Jonathan  A Schaffir, MD Jonathan A Schaffir, MD
Clnical Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology
College of Medicine
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