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Breast Cancer

Is this standard procedure?



I am 26 years old mother of 3. A month ago i had nipple lumps that itched and burned all over on both breasts. I called a gyno and she said it was a yeast infection on my nipples. While i was in there she did a pap and breast exam, she felt a lump. Sent me for a mamo and ultra sound. the radioloigst said to her she thought the mamo showed right breast maybe a fibroadenoma and but ultrasound could not confirm that. so she called a local surgeon and scheduled me an appointment for this coming tuesday for a lumpectomy. now the mamo picked up a spot on my left side that possibly could be a lymph node. The surgeon didnt say anything accept we are hoping for a fibroadenoma. are they telling me everything or what. i feel so confused i ask direct questions and they respond by beating around the bush with possible or hopefully. what should i prepare for. My mother got two differant types of breast cancer at 30 years old. We do not carry that gene. are tehy being optomistic or do they really think it is a fibro. I cant tell and they wont tell. please help so scared of not knowing how i should react, handle or prepare!


This certainly needs evaluation and biopsy, but I wonder if the biopsy could be done ultrasound-guided with a needle instead of surgical lumpectomy. Sometimes we really cannot tell until there is a piece of tissue to examine, but most are moving toward less invasive procedures when possible.

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