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Urinary Disorders

White Dots Floating in the Water



It appears like white dots of fat or waxy substance floating in the water. I believe it comes from my urine.

They are not all perfectly round. So it appears like maybe it gets hard when it touches the water. I took one into the doctor because I have difficulty explaining it. He said it didn`t look like something a body would produce. Basically he didn`t believe me. I am wondering if my body is not able to produce fat. They did take blood tests however.

Last year it happened when I had a urinary infection.

This time I have the general cold. Sore throat, head ache, tired. Doctor told me I would get well soon. I did eat bad this week. Ice cream, onion rings, red meat, bread. This is not usual for me. I haven`t eaten these things in over a year.

Other problems I have are, chronic constipation, lower back ache, radial tunnel syndrome, sensitive to wheat & dairy, low iron. Otherwise healthy blood pressure 110/60. Need to be more active and eat more raw veggies.


You have provided much information but not your age or gender. In general, the physician should do a simple urinalysis. This will rule out any significant health issues. Otherwise, these particles could be mucus or other fluid with high protein content (forming a coagulum) which might look like fat particles.

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James F Donovan, Jr, MD James F Donovan, Jr, MD
Professor of Surgery
Director of UC Urology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati