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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Extremely rare condition re right maxilla



I have had multiple major dental surgeries on the right upper side involving the back 3 molars. These surgeries included multiple root canals and apicoectomies for something my endodontist had never seen in his 26 years of practice and could not even name. I ended up with a Vancomycin IV drip for infections that would not respond to regular antibiotics. My body is resistant to x-rays and nothing will show until they actually cut and open it up and by then the severity is beyond normal proportions. Now, an MRI without contrast states I have (what they think) a 1-inch left maxillary antral retention cyst. I have no pain or symptoms on the left side, nor have I had treatments on the left side. However, I am in such severe pain on the right upper side (5th facial nerve area) that I have been in the ER for morphine and am now taking three hydrochodone tablets supplemented by at least 1200 mg of regular Ibuprofen a day to just dull the pain. No-one knows what to do about this. Please help!


The retention cyst found in your left maxillary sinus is most likely incidental and not contributing to your pain, nor is it usually anything to worry about.  It sounds as though your right facial pain is dental in origin, but if treatment thus far recommended is not helping, or if the specialists you have seen cannot determine the cause for your pain, another opinion is probably warranted.

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Allen M Seiden, MD Allen M Seiden, MD
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