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Digestive Disorders




I have episodes about every 3 months where I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like my airway is cut off. My doctor doesn`t think it is sleep apnea because I don`t have it regularly. I wake up and feel like it takes a few minutes to get my breath back again. I do have problems with acid reflux and usually after an episode will have some reflux come up. Can GERD cause you to have breathing problems like that? I don`t have any problems with breathing during the day, but do have nausea and have been eating a lot of tomato based products lately. I have also had more heartburn than normal.


It is possible for GERD with free reflux up into the oropharynx (mouth and back of throat) to do this and while it may be sleep apnea, further studies and documentation should be done.

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