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Mouth Diseases

Bump on Top of Tongue



I have had a circular, flat bump on my tongue for a few years. It looks just like the rest of my tongue only its a circle. Its never caused me any discomfort. I accidently bit it the other day while eating and it bled minimally. It is loose now except for a small piece. I have looked on the internet to try and find some answers as to what this "thing" is but have been unsuccessful. Please try and give me some insight as to what in the world this is. Thank you.


A "flat, circular bump" could be almost anything. Has your dentist made any comment to you about what it is?

Location, size, and color would also help in the diagnosis of what is occurring.

It could be nothing more than a lingual papilla, or it could be a papilloma, or even a "skin tag" which is nothing more than a small exophitic piece of epithelial tissue. Generally these things are small and not circular. I would probably suspect that it is a large consolidated lingual papilla as it is the same color as the rest of the tongue, and after biting it, has become mobile (dissected out), with a portion of it still attached.

You really have not given me much to work with and I would strongly suggest you have it evaluated by your dentist.

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