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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)




What are the latest and most effective medicines for treatment. I am not a candidate for lung reduction or transplant but I am not sure I am getting what is found to be the best treatment. I take xopenex in my breathing machine I use an inhaler combvient and take Lorazapan for anxiety... But I just feel like there could be more out there. I am 2 1/2 leters of 02 23/7. I have very limited abilities and tire easily. Yes I have a pulmonologist but he seems me every 3 mos and just says every is ok just keep from getting sick and that is good. I now have a home physical therapist comming to my home I have had this for 10 yrs. I wondered if herbs and other such things might help Thank you...


There are multiple medications available, and finding the best combination for each individual patient is the key to helping them feel better. We tend to follow the GOLD guidelines for COPD disease management. These can be viewed online at http://www.goldcopd.com/. One of the most important therapies we use, depending on disease stage, is Pulmonary Rehabilitation. This is an exercise / educational program that is specific to people with certain lung diseases, including COPD. Many are hospital-based and all require a physician referral.

There are no good studies that have shown that herbal medications are effective in COPD.

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