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Digestive Disorders

Liver Cyst



I called the doctor`s office today to ask them how the results of my cat scan done 2 months ago. I never heard anything about my test. The doctor`s office nurse said I had to have ultrasound done due to 200 millimeters of a spot that looks like a cyst. What is 200 millimeters in inches? The nurse did not know. I am scared. Why a problem with an organ of my body? My important liver.


Cysts are very common in the liver, usually don't cause problems and are frequently picked up on CT scans done for completely other reasons. An ultrasound was probably recommended because it can look at the liver in a different way than a CT scan and tell more detail about the cyst. Sometimes MRI scans are also recommended if there's still a question.

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Julia Gore Thornton, MD Julia Gore Thornton, MD
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School of Medicine
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