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Thyroid Diseases

Graves Disease & Flu Shot / H1N1 Shot



I was diagnosed with graves disease several months back. At that time my doctor told me do not get near anyone with the flu, avoid getting sick, and do not get the flu shot. My question, why is it that I cannot get the flu shot? I work in a hospital and I have direct patient care. The hospital just made it mandatory that everyone get a flu shot, and h1n1 shot or wear a respirator the entire time on the job. So is there a reason I cannot get the flu shot yet? Is it because I am on methimizole and attenolol for 18 months and I`m considered moderately ill? Or is it just because I have graves disease in general? Or is it still a possibility I can get either shot? Thanks!!


Thank you for visiting NetWellness.  You will need to ask your doctor to clarify. Obviously, your physician has access to details of your medical illness and history that I do not, thus I do not feel comfortable advising. Best wishes.

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