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MRI as part of diagnostic work-up



I am a pediatric nurse who works in a sedation department in a hospital. We do many MRIs with anesthesia for first seizures with no other symptoms of brain anomale. I`m wondering if this a good expendature of our health care dollars when most of the scans are basically normal? Does anyone track the percentage of abnormal ones and the cost invovled? I think we should start looking at the cost-benefit ratios of what we are doing. Can`t we set up national standards based on this info so doctors won`t be sued? Do all these MRIs improve our outcomes? What about doing screening CTs(which are faster and cheaper) and then MRIs as indicated? What do you think?


MRI is superior to CT scanning in looking for abnormalities that cause epilepsy and is part of the standard work up for epilepsy and seizures. 

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