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Lung diseases

My brother



i have researched til im blue in the face as i am a nurse! my brother was diagnosed with bronchioecstasis a year ago, he is 33 yrs of age and has never smoked and been fit and healthy. every antibiotic under the sun has been used with absolutely no affect. my brother was the most fun loving vivacious person i knew but that has died with this horrific disease. i will go to the end of the earth to find a solution to my brothers trauma yet realise there is no cure and desperately seek ur advice please.


It is beyond the scope of this forum to provide specific, details recommendations regarding treatment/diagnosis. I would encourage you and your brother to seek a formal evaluation with a pulmonologist (or to seek a second opinion) if you have specific questions to address. Unfortunately, bronchiectasis cannot be cured. The focus of treatment really is intended to prevent frequent infections and exacerbations. Bronchiectasis in a 33 year old can be caused by many things including scarring from prior infections, immune deficiencies, abnormalities of the patient's ability to clear secretions from the air way such as cystic fibrosis or primary ciliary dyskinesia to name a few. The first step is to determine the underlying cause and then to focus on prevention of exacerbations. This typically consists of using measures to improve pulmonary clearance such as chest physiotherapy or mechanical airway clearance measures such as perucssing vests or flutter valves. Inhalers are often used to facilitate clearance of secretions, and long-term antibiotics on a rotating schedule are also used.

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