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Test Result Concerns After Kidney Donation



I donated a kidney to my husband 5 years ago in 2004. I am concerned about my most recent lab results. My creatinine is 1.2 and my BUN is 13. Last year my creatinine was 1.3 and my BUN was 15. I am a black female, age 33, and weigh 144 lbs, what should my creatinine be at this stage?


Your serum creatinine concentration, which reflects your level of kidney function, is well within the expected range for someone who has previously donated a kidney. The creatinine value is often used in a variety of formulas to estimate your glomerular filtration rate (GFR) which is an estimate of how rapidly your kidney filters blood. After donating a kidney, GFR generally falls about 20%. Interestingly, it does not fall by 50% because your remaining kidney grows in size and compensates for the other removed kidney.

A normal GFR in someone your age and gender with two healthy kidneys would be about 80 to 100 ml/minute. Based on the data you supplied, and using two different forumlas for estimating GFR, your GFR is currently 67 to 68 ml/min again well within the expected range for a kidney donor. Congratulations on donating a kidney to your husband. Hope he is doing well.

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