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Athletic Training

Sprained Ankle Getting Worse



I injured my ankle about a month ago. I went to the hospital and had an x-ray done, but they said that it was just a severe sprain. They gave me an air splint and told me to walk as tolerated. I have been walking on it for about 3 weeks and it has started re-bruising and swelling and is now getting to where I`m having more problems walking on it. The pain has returned and is now constant. Sometimes if i turn it a certain way i can feel what seems like two parts inside my ankle "pop" and a horrible pain will follow. I`m afraid that I have a fracture instead of a sprain and I`m going to hurt myself a lot more if I keep walking on it without the proper treatment. You`re advice is greatly appreciated.


Given the fact that it has been 3 weeks and that the symptoms seem to be worsening, a return to your physician and possibly a consult with an orthopedic or sports medicine specialist seems to be warranted.  They may want to perform further evaluations and testing to determine the source of your problem. Good Luck!

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