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Women's Health

Can Anyone Help?!



I am having nonstop vaginal bleeding.i am 19 years old and for the past 2 years i have tried EVERY birth control out there,had countless blood tests,3 ultra-sounds and my OB/gyn is at a loss on what to do about my bleeding.he said that he cannot see where it is coming from and we have done just about everything we can do to try and stop it.my nonstop bleeding started when i became sexually active.its usually a nonstop light flow for a couple days then i spot for a few hours.then of course im back to the bleeding.about a month ago I had sugery to remove pre-cancerous cells and found out that i have HPV.he said that would not be a factor in my bleeding but I wonder.I just dont know what to do about it anymore.PLEASE HELP ME!!


Unfortunately, circumstances like yours are beyond the scope or purpose of this service. The best advice would be to seek an opinion of another, highly qualified gynecologist.

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Shalva V Kakabadze, MD Shalva V Kakabadze, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University