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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Mild ethmoid mucasol thicking



I have been suffering from severe headaches and pressure and facial pain for three months.. I was first put on augmentinn 875mg 2 daily which didnt help.. then went to the er and had a sinus ct done and brain ct showed mild sinusitis and no finindings in brain reffered me to an ent if symptoms continued so i went and saw and ent who prescibed me clindamycin 250 mg 3 times a day for two weeks which helped but towards the end of the course my symptoms reoccured so i was also prescibed cipro along with clidamycin and I stayted on this for maybe 4 days and was having gi problems so my ent told me to quit the antibiotics and prescibed flagyl and told me i would have to take flagyl for eight weeks and i continued on taking this for two weeks and no improvement.. so I went to see a second ent who looked at my ct and and said that it was very mild and wouldnt even put me on antibiotics for this.. so i was prescibed nasonex i have tryed allegra, claritin, flonase, and mucinex d... still having headaches dry throat, the inside of my nose looks inflammed, the front of my head between my eybrows seem a bit swollen... my eyes feel extremely dry and i have neck pain... this all started from a cold... but ever since i havent had any nasal drainage what so ever i dont understand how i can have a sinus infection without any drainage???? im so confused and scared... i have had to be put on zoloft for anxiety and klonipin in the mist of all of this.. please help...


Your symptoms seem to be more related to migraine/headaches than sinus disease. Your CT read is very unimpressive for the severity of your symptoms. I would pursue an appointment with a migraine specialist.

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Lee   Zimmer, MD Lee Zimmer, MD
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