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Urinary and Genital Disorders (Children)

Pain in the Tip of Penis while Urinating



My son who is 1 year old has a terrible and painful burning sensation while trying to urinate. He was seen by his doctor on Thursday. They did a catheter on him to test for urine. His test came back with a little blood in it, which they said was probably from the catheter, and that his urine looked fine with no infection. They sent it off to the lab for a culture and sent him home with nothing. They said to try to go in the tub and urinate. Needless to say he didn`t go all day or night and I had to take him to the ER. They drained his urine, checked it and said there was nothing in the urine either. They couldn`t tell me what the reason for the burning feeling in his penis was. There is something that is causing the pain and no one can seen to get to the bottom of this. Could his urethera be inflammed and they not know, or could his bladder or kidneys be in trouble and creating the problem? Please help!


This is a difficult question to answer. I understand your frustration and concern. One condition that can cause these problems is meatal stenosis, a narrowing of the urinary opening. This condition is cured by a meatoplasty, in which the urinary opening is surgically enlarged. Also, he may need a contrast study of the lower urinary tract, a VCUG, if the symptoms persist.

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