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Blister on Gum



My son is 10. He has a white and red blister on his gums. There is a baby tooth that is a little loose below it. The dentist says it is erosion from a big tooth coming in. It is irritating and a little painful for him.

Is there anything I can do to help relieve the pain or irritation? Also, how long does something like this last? Any other information? Thanks.


Thank you for the question. I’m glad to hear that you had a dentist see this, as that would have been my first suggestion.

In terms of pain relief (and I am assuming your son has no other medical/bleeding problems or medications. If he does you really need to follow the instructions of his treating dentist or physician), you could:

1) Use a topical gel like Orajel sparingly when needed, just a small amount applied to the area with a q-tip.
2) Place a cold washcloth in the area.
3) Encourage him to wiggle the tooth and remove it.
4) Have the baby tooth removed if it continues to be painful (and if it keeps him from school at all).

The time this lasts really varies with how much of the tooth is actually left. In some cases, the ‘pain’ actually comes from gum tissue that is being pressured or cut by the loose baby tooth as he chews. I hope this helps!

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