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Does a urine culture screen for chlamydia?



Hi there,

This past September, I went to a doctor because of what seemed to be a pretty bad bladder infection. He prescribed antibiotics and sent my urine sample off to culture, and I didn`t hear anything back. Usually no news is good news with Doctors so I didn`t inquire further.

About a week ago, an ex from about a year ago informed me that he had just been told he had chlamydia. Everything I have read tells me that he is probably in the early stages of infection if he is feeling the symptoms, and that I am likely safe. I haven`t felt any symptoms, but I know that doesn`t necessarily mean I`m clear.

My question is, specifically: Would my urine culture have indicated chlamydia as the infection, rather than a UTI?? And, if so, would I likely have been contacted with those results?

This is an old enough ex that I am quite confident he contracted the chlamydia after we broke up, but it never hurts to ask.

Thank you.


The urine test for chlamydia is a very sensitive test and is very accurate. The problem is that if you were screened for a urinary tract infection, they probably didn't screen for chlamydia. That is a separate urine test than the one you had for urinary tract infection. You should be screened not only for chlamydia, but also for gonorrhea, hepatitis, syphilis and HIV too.

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