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Brown spotting



My period in sept. was normal. In October it came eary (about 2 weeks) and it was more of a brownish color than red. Now it is the end of October and when I wipe there is a brown/light brown color on the paper. I have been sexually active. My periods have always been normal. I am tired all the time, I can`t seem to get enough sleep. Any ideas???


There are a lot of ideas and possibilities, but without more information I can't venture a guess. You could be pregnant and having spotting. This would explain the tiredness. You could have a cervical infection or polyp that is causing some irregular cervical bleeding. Since your cycles are always regular, this could be a random irregular cycle. That is not too uncommon. Unfortunately the purpose of this site is not to provide a diagnosis, because that can only come about by a detailed history and physical exam by your physician.

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