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Help with patch test results!



I have recently been patch tested due to dermatitis/eczema of the scalp, face, inside the ears and vagina. I have had three positive results to Dodecyl gallate, Thimerosal and Abitol. I am dyslexic and having a night mare trying to look for these things in all topical products, is there any way of finding a list of products to avoid? As I get contact eczema around the mouth is it worth me having a food allergy test?


You doctor if he/she used the true test should have a sheet of paper associated with each positive patch test that lists products that contain the sensitizing agents.  I would get this information from them.  Unfortunately, at that point it is all about reading labels to make sure you don't use the ingredient in a product inadvertently. 

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Jonathan   Bernstein, MD Jonathan Bernstein, MD
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