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Candida Glabrata



I have been fighting candida galbrata for many years now but to my avail i have not had any success. Doctors have tried so many antifungle meds that they are so resistant to oral & vaginal creams. Is there still hope for me. Between the years of 2000-2005 i had 5 major abdominal surgeries this is when the problem all started. Can this lead to other bacterial infections? Now i just feel hopeless. If you could point me in the right direction i would be forever grateful. I have even thought about calling one of the doctors listed in your answer column and making a appointment. PLEASE & THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.


When symptoms of a yeast infection persist despite treatment, the problem can be recurrence (the infection keeps coming back) or resistance (the treatment never worked in the first place.)  Recurrence is more likely when there is some predisposing factor for yeast to grow (like high blood sugar), for normal bacteria to be absent (like frequent douching or taking antibiotics), or for the immune system to be weakened (like being on steroids or having HIV). 

Resistance may be the case when a common organism (like Candida albicans) develops a defense against common anti-fungals, or when there is an uncommon organism (like Candida glabrata) for which common anti-fungals are ineffective.  In these cases, different medications are used that are not as commonly available, like gentian violet (a purple dye with anti-fungal properties), compounded boric acid suppositories, or compounded flucytosine cream.

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