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Kidney Diseases




I fell about a month ago on my left side and fell on an iron lawn ornament and lost my breath. I could not move due to acute pain on my left side. Four days later I went to the emergency room and a kidney infection was detected. I was given antibiotics and the pain subsided. One week later, I had severe itching from head to foot. It started on the bottom of my feet and also hands. It then spread to all of my body. There are no visible signs of rash until I scratch, then welps and rash appear, however, it disappears when the itching stops and I stop scratching. I also have red spots on the area that I sleep on that also disappears when I wake up in the AM. Could the itching be related to the fall and or kidney problem?


It seems most likely that the itching is from an allergic reaction to the antibiotic that you were given.  However, it would be best for you to at least call, if not see, the physician who prescribed the antibiotic for you -- they may want to see you again and rule out something more serious.

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