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Dental Anesthesia

Questions Regarding My Teeth



Several yrs ago following a pregnancy, I was seen by a dentist that had told me my teeth were very sensitive,and i shouldve been placed on calcium due to the calcium being removed from my teeth,at that time i showed a few surface cavities between my teeth in the back on both sides of my jaw,now several yrs later,i still have the cavities,that has gotton a bit worse,i was seen recently,and was told my teeth show more changes on xray,and my cavities need filled between two teeth on both sides of my jaw,also maybe a root canal,yrs ago they tried to give me flouride gel to place on my teeth,but when applied it sent shooting pain to all my teeth,so i was told stop using it,all the dentists give me the childrens flouride at the visits every 6months or so,and now im supposed to use act total floride and mouth rinse everyday,per my request,but sometimes i only use it about 4days a week,due to forgetting to use it.they also want me to try the stanious floride rinse this time,but i think as the other it may be too strong,anyhow,i have a tooth on my right side that has lost so much calcium and is so weak,it has a hole in it above my gum,not enough to be near the root yet,thank god,but what if anything can they do to fix it?can a filling of some sort be used on the side of a tooth?my dentist says a couple other teeth are starting to get holes like that one in the same spot,what can i do to prevent further damage?im taking 1000mg of calcium i believe a day,but i also take methimizole for my graves disease (several months now).im afraid to get the filling done because when the dentist does a cleaning it hurts really bad because of the sensitivity of my teeth,they use a numbing gel,that only does so much in the line of pain relief for cleaning,(my recomendation.)can they use anything else to numb the teeth area?my teeth only hurt when i try to eat some sweet things,or very cold drinks,other than that.(i am 29yrs old,)thank you for your help!!


If your teeth are very sensitive with dental cleaning, a couple things can be tried. Warm water can be used in the cleaning instruments and rinsing if the office is equipped to do this. Then there should be no problem. Alternatively, you can receive regular local anesthetic, like for a filling to get your teeth cleaned. It may not need to be every tooth, but just the ones that really hurt. Or, when you get your fillings done, the dentist can numb your mouth in some areas and you can have the cleaning there and then the dentist can do his or her work.

It sounds like you will need multiple appointments anyway. So, discuss this with your dentist and I am sure you can come up with a solution! Thank you for visiting NetWellness.  

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