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Alzheimer's Disease

Best Order and Times to Give Medications



My 80 year mother has been diagnosed with dementia (possible Alzheimers). She has been prescribed Aricept 10 mg per day, Namenda 10mg twice a day and Risperidone .25mg twice a day. She also takes 81 mg baby aspirin, Crestor 5mg at bedtime. She also takes the following vitamins 1 centrum, 2 caltrate 600+ D twice a day, 1 Vitamin C, and Cranberry 300 mg 2 tablets a day, and 1 Colace with each meal. We heard that the Namenda, Aricept and Risperone should be spaced 2 hours apart from each other and also should be spaced 2 hours away from any vitamins to get the full effect. Is this true and if so what order should the medicines be given? Right now she takes the risperidone first, 2 hours later namenda then aricept 2 hours later which is usually around lunchtime). The second dosage of risperidone is usually done soon after dinner with namenda 2 hours after that. Thank you.


There is no need to space out taking the Aricept, Namenda, Risperidone, or vitamins. I would suggest to take the Aricept in the AM with the Namenda and Risperidone. Taking the PM Namenda and Risperidol together is also alright. The possible interactions of these drugs and basic vitamins are so minimal as to not amount to anything significant. If you prefer to space things out, there is no harm to that either. The most important thing is to be consistent with the timing of the medications and to have at least 8 hours between the first and second dose of Namenda and Risperidone.

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