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Mold allergies



I have been diagnosed with lichen planus and chronic fatique syndrome, following extensive testing (for lymphoma!). All doctors seemed to agree that it was caused by an allergy to mold/mildew, etc., and symptoms were alleviated by removing those.

Would an allergic reaction also cause numbness in mouth/tongue/lips? I have not ingested anything, but have other items at the same time. I`m having trouble getting my tongue over my top lip, lifting my bottom teeth to top lip, seem to be slurring, hearing is just off, lethargic, weak.

My doctor seems to think it is simply more of the same, nothing to worry about. Do I need to look elsewhere?


There is no evidence to support a relationship between your symptoms and mold/mildew exposure.  There may be other reasons for having the symptoms you are experiencing.  If you are concerned about environmental exposures and your symptoms there are things you can do cost-effectively to reduce your indoor exposure i.e., dehumidification, HEPA air filtration, remediation of water contaminated areas.  You may want to see a neurologist if you haven't already for some of the tongue symptoms your are experiencing. 

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