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Why Won`t My Breasts Grow?



I am 25 years old and i can just cant`s even fit into an A cup bra properly. I was 10 years old when my period started so its not that i was late in the pubity department. I have tried all sorts of natural methods, tablets, pumps etc which did nothing for me. Is there something wrong with me? I cant go shopping for myself as I always end up in a state as everything is sexy and reveling and i cant wear anything like that, i feel like im a 10 year old dreesing up in her mums cloths. I`ve always been a small build 5`2 and about 7.5 stone, i have put weight on and have increase in waste size to an 8, but the top part of my body hasnt changed. I have no confedence and always cover myself up even in the summer as I think people will judge me. I just dont know what to do apart from surgery. Do you have any advise?


I can hear the concern in your question.

First, it would be important to have an exam by a provider to determine if all your hormone levels are appropriate. It is hard to tell from just an email communication if everything is OK in that department.

Then I would look to your family history. What’s the common type of body in your mother/aunts/sisters? Are they also small breasted? If so, it may be that you have a genetic code for small breasts. Having said that, remember that everyone has about the same amount of actual breast tissue. The actual size of breasts is really dependent on the amount of fat tissue (or size of an implant) that is there.

I’m not suggesting that you put on weight- it seems that the fat that you develop doesn’t develop in your breasts. So, if you want to enhance your ability to fill out clothes, my suggestion is to go to a good quality store that sells bras and have the fitter work with you to find ones that will enhance your size so your clothes fit well.

My next advice is to stand tall, be proud of who you are, and know that your attractiveness doesn’t come from breast size but from inner confidence. You are a unique and special human being and your breast size, either small or large, doesn’t tell the world how attractive you are- it is what you project in confidence and acceptance of your body that counts.

All the best!

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