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Kidney Diseases

Stage 3 Kidney Disease



I have recently been informed that I may have stage 3 kidney disease although I have no symptoms that I am aware of. I am aware I have had a cyst on one kidney, possibly since birth but have not had a scan for several years, when I was told it had not altered in size. I am being tested annually and a recent result was 60 where the last 3 had been 71. What does this all mean? I am 57 years old.


A single renal cyst will not cause renal failure. I am not sure what the numbers '60' and '71' refer to. Possibly you are giving me your GFR results. If so, they are abnormal. Stage 3 kidney disease means your renal function is reduced. There are five stages. When you are at stage 5 you often end up on dialysis. Please discuss with your doctor. Ask some questions:

1) what is causing the loss of kidney function?
2) what can I do to stabilize this so I won't end up on dialysis?
3) what meds should I be on and what should I avoid?
4) can I see a kidney specialist?

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