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Blood Pressure in Parkinsons Disease



I am in the serve stage of Parkinson. My blood pressure has been going wild. It will be HI 221/92 and later will be fine 140/70. Ha been going up and down for about two weeks. What causes this and can anything be done about it. Thank You


Sometimes, people with advanced stages in Parkinson’s Disease can have drops in blood pressure. This causes trouble when it is related to lightheadedness with change in position and, if severe, can lead to passing out.

In the setting of high blood pressures, symptomatic drop in blood pressure can be difficult to treat. High blood pressure treatment needs to be addressed by a person’s primary care doctor, and medications used to increase blood pressure related to Parkinson’s disease are commonly not used in this setting as these will worsen the hypertension.

Some things that can be done for lessening drops in blood pressure include wearing compression hoses and consuming at least 64 fluid ounces a day. I suggest you contact your primary care doctor for further discussion and treatment of you high blood pressure.

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