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Sports Medicine

Localized sharp stinging pain while running



I have been experiencing for the last two weeks a sharp pain in my shin when I run. At first I thought I`d been bitten by something, as it felt like it was in the skin. But when I stopped running, it went away. Next time I ran, it came back after only a few steps. It feels about one inch to the left of my shin bone, in the surface of the muscle. There is no obvious swelling or redness, and vigorous walking doesn`t affect it: only jogging and running.

I`m already booked in to have some massage done on my feet, which have poor circulation and possible plantar facititis. Could this leg pain be related? Is it worth seeing a podiatrist as well as getting the massage course?

Thank you.


This could be shin splints caused by your running and abnormal foot mechanics or it could be from another cause. In any case, a visit to the podiatrist is recommended.

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Jeffrey M Robbins, DPM Jeffrey M Robbins, DPM
Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University