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My wife has a bicornuate uterus



Respected Sir,

I am from India, We get married Before 1 yr 30th Nov 08. We try a lot but not success for Child. We want to Dr. (gynecologist) , She advice for Sonography for very two days i.e 30th ,2nd ,4th …On very first day of radiologist’s confirm that My wife Have bicornuate uterus .We are very worry . I gone th. Articles showing this is high risk pregnancy. Sir , IS THERE ANY WAY FOR diagnosis ?..What we have to do? Can be get pregnant? Is are any Surgery or Medical treatment ?

Sir, Please help us? We any are family is very nerves


A bicornuate uterus is one of the most common uterine abnormalities. It is usually diagnosed by ultrasonography. In difficult cases, MRI can also be used. There is no effective treatment for this condition. Fortunately, it is not known to prevent pregnancy or cause infertility. However, there might be an increased risk of miscarriage, premature labor and breech presentation (where the infant does not deliver head first). Most women with this condition are able to become pregnant and have healthy children. You should discuss this condition with your obstetrician or an infertility specialist.

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