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Kidney Diseases

BUN/Creatinine Ratio



I just noticed a recent lab report of mine that had my BUN/Creatinine ratio as 33 with an H beside it, meaning High, I suppose. Everything else looked in normal range. I am a white, 51 yr old female who is very active in the gym. Is there a problem with my kidney function?


Don't know. The creatinine is the best marker of your kidney function and you only gave a ratio. If the BUN is 33 and the creatinine is 1.0 then the ratio is the same as if the BUN is 66 and the creatinine is 2.0. In the first case you'd likely have normal kidney function, in the second case you'd have very abnormal kidney function. Also, your renal status is only partially reflected by the creatiniine. Urinalysis is also important in establishing kidney status.

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