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Face and Jaw Surgery

Lower Mandibular Tori



I have lower mandibular tori on the inside front of my jaw. I have been to an orthodontist who said that he would take them out as they are causing me some problems. He told me that they make an incision just below the lower teeth and peel back the skin to expose the tori for removal. He said there is a risk of the saliva glands scarring over, but it was very rare. I asked him how rare and he said that they don`t talk numbers, but it is rare. If that happened he would have to remove my saliva glands. Frankly, this worries me. I don`t want to lose my saliva glands for the rest of my life so I`m thinking of foregoing the surgery. Could you tell me the risks involved and whether there may be a way to avoid removing the skin over the saliva glands? I`m seriously considering cancelling unless I can resolve this satisfactorily.


Scarring of the submandibular salivary gland outlets from having mandibular tori removed is a real but very rare complication. It is so rare that there is really no statistical incidence studies on this problem that I could find. Intuitively, the incidence would depend on how large your tori are, how close to the orifices of the glands they are, and how well your wound heals afterwards. In most cases, a simple torus removal rarely causes this complication. Normally, the incision would stay away from the salivary duct outlet anyway. The submandibular salivary glands are only one pair of the 3 pairs of glands that contribute to production of saliva. This concern of a rare complication should not deter you from the recommendation.

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Deepak  Krishnan, DDS Deepak Krishnan, DDS
Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati