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Painful uterine fibroid



I was having very sharp pain in my abdomen & pelvis and went to see my doctor. I had a CT Scan and it showed I had a large mass in my Uterus, believed to be a Fibroid. 11 months prior to this I had a CT Scan for abdomen/pelvic pain and no mass was found. I was advised I need to see a gynecologist at this point. My question is, if I am still in a lot of pain and I have a rapidly growing Fibroid should I go to ER? Could this be serious?


Depending on the size of the fibroid seen 11 months later, I wouldn't necessarily call this rapidly enlarging. In addition, a CT scan isn't the best method for determining the presence of fibroids. A pelvic ultrasound is more effective. Given the fact that you are having pain and that they describe this as "a large mass" you should be seen soon by a gynecologist. A visit to the ER isn't going to be helpful since it still isn't an emergency that requires intervention in the next 24 hours. You would still be referred to a gynecologists. The only exception would be if you were bleeding heavily or in severe unbearable pain. Your most important first step is to be seen soon by a gynecologist.

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