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Further to Phimosis



This is further to my question phimosis asked few days back. I am thankful for guidance. My further query to you sir is as follows :

1. What is the recovery time after surgery? Is it minor? 2. Is it required for a man of 50 years? 3. When can sexual activity can be resumed? 4. You have suggested application of steroids. How it should be applied inside or outside the foreskin?

I am thankful for providing guidance because I am feeling embarrassed to ask to my PCP.


Circumcision is classed as a minor surgery. It takes less than an hour to perform and requires anesthesia in adults. Some urologist prefer to do it in their offices. It takes about a week for the healing process to complete. During this period one should abstain from sex and excessive manipulation of the area. There is a need for application of antibiotic or antiseptic ointment.

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