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Women's Health

Cramps and clots



I am 28, menstruation started at 13.For the most part,it`s been normal cycles,albeit on the long side(32-40 days) between. It always lasts 7-8 days,and I cramp excessively the first 1-2 days.However I notice that the cramp phase is getting longer(3 days),it`s like it takes forever to "get going" from when blood first appears.Lots of thumb sized clots,the first 5 days is almost exclusively so.I am not on bc or anything like that.1 miscarrage, no completed pregnancies. Is adenomysis a possibility & what test would confirm that? My dr has always says it`s no big deal,since there is no anemia and no obvious endometriosis.


It seems like your problems are escalating. My advise would be to seek an opinion of another gynecologist, and perhaps an ultrasound should be done to assess the condition of your uterus and ovaries.

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Shalva V Kakabadze, MD Shalva V Kakabadze, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University