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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)




My dad is 67 years old. Some years ago dad had open heart surgery. Three years ago I was told dad had emphysema. In June of this year I was told dad gurgled when he slept at night. This year, Nov 2009, he was diagnosed with Asthma. 1) Is the gurgling from the COPD and if so, at what stage of COPD does the gurgling start in someone? 2) Will the Asthma worsen the COPD? Will it have any affect on the COPD? ***He has smoked all of his life


On this site, we try to answer general questions but cannot diagnose or recommend treatment. I am not sure what you mean by "gurgling" but that could be a sign of heart failure or sleep apnea.

Your first question is very specific and can only be answered properly by a physician who has performed a comprehensive historical and physical examination along with testing. In addition, making a diagnosis of asthma in someone who has COPD requires specific testing, but most medications for asthma are used in COPD as well.

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Michael E Ezzie, MD Michael E Ezzie, MD
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