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Kidney Diseases

Very High Protein Count in Urine



I am 21 years old and was planning on joining the military but they said my "protein count" was very high, ++++2000 on my medical record that I saw. My grandfather is from Croatia and it is my understanding that people of Balkan decent are more susceptible to Kidney Failure. What do I need to do?


The cause of Balkan Endemic Nephropathy (BEN) is ill defined but is likely a combination of genetic predisposition and environmental toxins. You do not have BEN for 2 reasons; people of Balkan descent who do not grow up or live in the Balkan region do not develop BEN, and it rarely manifests itself before the age of 20. It is more commonly manifest in middle age. You need to see a kidney specialist and be evaluated for the protein in your urine.

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